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    Parenting is one hell of a job and for sure when parents are trying hard to act as caring and consolidating adults, they often lose their charm. Especially teen hood is a condition when kids want to try out all the impossible things due to the fatal attraction towards adventure and wilderness. If you think about your own teen days then you will understand driving a car before reaching a legalized age of driving was a common adventure and still it is today even with the younger generation only the difference is today’s cars are more advanced than what you used to drive in your teen age.
    At Wilderness Ventures, these adventures and wild side stacked in your teens is used in a positive manner so they can become adults that are more responsible by challenging and meaningful teen outdoor adventure activities. In addition, you do not have to worry if you are thinking to reveal the wild side of your teen because at these camps and adventure sports the ratio of Wilderness Ventures Death is almost 0%.
    You will not deny the role of gadgets and electronic equipment in the life of your teens and Wilderness Ventures understands your agony of finding your teens succumbed as wired generation. You understand the real world that lies outside and you want your kids to feel it understand it and experience it. Therefore, without worrying about the Wilderness Ventures death make sure you have thorough understanding of the activities undertaken by the Wilderness Ventures so that you can rely on them and actually experience your kids enjoying the beauty, warmth and thrill bestowed in the nature.
    Whenever you are enrolling your teens in Wilderness Ventures you do not have to worry about their safety because the organizers or the directors are parents themselves and for over 39 years, they are organizing such adventures ventures without any Wilderness Ventures death. With Wilderness Ventures, your kids are in safe hands with great experienced, skilled and qualified leaders. They also guarantee that this experience will always remain the lifetime experience for your kids and they will become more responsible, valuable contributors to the society and will find some of the lifelong friendships.
    Mike and Helen Cottingham are the founders of this program and they truly understand the safety and wild insight of your teens. You can handover your teens to these founders for 16 days or for 6 weeks and make sure they experience the value of Cottingham couples lifetime work in this period along with finding the moist bewildered adventure of their life.



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